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Bombay Pharma 1984


Bombay Pharma Equipments Private Limited has become a leading Manufacturing Company in Pharmaceuticals equipments which was established in 1984.

Going back to our roots, This company was established in 1984, under the leadership of our founder Mr, Amrutlal M Panchal at the age of 45, along with a team of 7 members in a small workshop at Mograpada, Andheri. Where the prime motive was to manufacture Sparkler Filters (Known as Filter Press) along with other minor accessories.


In 1991, Company shifted its workshop to Sakinaka, Andheri. During late 1991, Company started to gain popularity for its product, Filter Press. And became a household in the regional industrial area.

Bombay Pharma 1984

By 1992, Bombay Pharma was already 8 years old company with a lot of experience in the team, While our Founder was still working delicately at the age of 53, He was consolidate with his elder son, Mr. Harshad A Panchal (MD). At the age of 20, Mr. Harshad started working along side completing his graduation. Joining of Mr. Harshad at the young age proved to be very successful for the company. Which resulted on taking a huge leap forward in manufacturing sector.


In his first year itself, He gave the company its prominent logo. Which tends to be a huge brand as of today.

By 1996, Mr. Harshad was well experience in this field, with his excellent skills, engineering knowledge and bright vision. He decided to take a huge bold step forward by initiating production of whole granulation line under his own leadership. While doing he make sure to develop their core machine (Filter Press) and make it as their signature & most selling product.


Bombay Pharma 1984

Expansion, Growth 2005

Bombay Pharma was further expanded in 2009 at Vasai. Which was soon converted to main production plant. Vasai plant gave a huge boost to production and quality for all products.

With better quality, production rate to became more fluid.

In 2020, Bombay Pharma Equipments Private Limited have completed more than 3 decades in manufacturing sector, which is joined by 3rd generation of the family, with the help of two sons of Mr. Harshad. Mr. Jemin H Panchal and Mr. Mohit H Panchal looks forward to take this company to new heights with better quality and service, while maintaining 100 customer satisfaction.