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Multi Mill

Multi Mill is a self-contained portable unit that is used for high-speed granulation, pulverizing, mixing, shredding, and chopping of dry materials with the special attachments called beaters with Knife/Impact blades and Scraper blades to get the essential output.

The output depends on a wide range of model selection that varies through direct driven, belt driven, perforated screen size & motor hp.

Multi Mill is useful in pharmaceutical industries, food industries, R&D purposes, pharmacy colleges for educational purposes, etc.

Salient Features :

  • Multiple speed drives of beaters can be adjusted through Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).
  • Easy Dismantling & Cleaning.
  • Effortless Portability with Castor Wheels.
  • The direction of blade rotation can be changed.
  • Multiple combinations of Perforated Screen, Speeds, Number of blades available.

Technical Specifications :

MML- 1HP 0-100 Kgs/Hr. 0-2800 RPM 1 HP
MML- 3HP 0-250 Kgs/Hr. 0-2800 RPM 3 HP
MML- 5HP 0-500 Kgs/Hr. 0-2800 RPM 5 HP
MML- 7.5HP 0-750 Kgs/Hr. 0-2800 RPM 7.5 HP

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